Do You Have Any Electronic Assembly Project We Can Help With?

Our Core Values

DYC Electronics is an electronic manufacturing services provider that is proud of our relationships with customers and suppliers alike. We have grown our business while maintaining long-term customers because of our exceptional level of service. We measure and report on performance metrics on a monthly basis. We hold our materials suppliers to the same high standards of quality and delivery to which we hold ourselves.
Whether it's automated surface mount or high quality printed circuit boards manufactured through conventional holes, DYC can help you meet short, medium and long term production requirements
Whatever the project , we have the solution , we offer production options ranging from fully inventoried turnkey supplies to procurement and consignment projects or circuit boards, wire harness and cable assembly to complete product assembly
From start to finish,you can trust us,our emphasis has always been on providing excellent customer service and delivery of quality products in aggressive lead times,Competitively priced , we gives you quick-turn production in support of both product requirements

Why Choose DYC

Top 10 Reasons To Partner With DYC Electronics

Manufacturers need product on schedule. Flexible lead-time management helps address product demand. Product quality is a must. Innovation is required to fuel NPI and growth goals. Here are 10 more things you should know about DYC Electronics and our electronic manufacturing services.


Partnership, relationship centered

The foundation of our engagement is the association between the people that comprise our respective organizations. DYC Electronics puts the highest value on our relationship, the close cooperation and the business partnerships that result from them. With these, our mutual achievements facilitate success at many levels.


Service focused

Merriam-Webster offers one definition of service as, “contribution to the welfare of others”. Today’s contract manufacturers have very similar capabilities and reported performance metrics. DYC’s experiences, as both a provider and a consumer, are that the significant difference between organizations is the execution and adherence to “service” as a deliverable. DYC’s service is focused on your business’ welfare.



Honest, Trustworthy

Business and manufacturing are challenging environments comprised of numerous factors and constant change. We are charged with harnessing this equation to deliver real-time status to address daily goals and problems. DYC Electronics provides the actual information that is critical to evaluation and decision making, this is worthy of your confidence.



DYC Electronics’ quote performance reviews and customer feedback demonstrate a competitive pricing foundation and valued price to service matrix. The culture of our practice includes every effort to minimize waste and maximize on a strong financial foundation. These result in DYC Electronics’ competitive position in the market.


The combination of skilled people, dynamic tooling, and production processes are matched with planning, measurement, and regular evaluation. The reward of these are pillars of performance that go from our door to yours and are translated by way of responsiveness, flexibility and the quality/cost/delivery performance you deserve.



Some say, “business is business”. At DYC Electronics the value of our service-centric partnership, honest approach and willingness to tackle challenges head-on comes with an attitude of fairness. You can expect our courteous, objective, and principled team to provide on-the-level engagement with you in all circumstances.



The game of tug-of-war isn’t won simply by putting your hands on the rope and pulling. The effort is critical, but dedication and diligence to a coordinated common goal happen daily at DYC. Manufacturing has many machines that “pull”, but DYC’s people provide the hardworking human element that brings your results together



Lean manufacturing principles deliver value. Deming’s “plan, do, check, act” provides for control and continuous improvement. DYC’s business core includes reliability across our team, machining, and practices that result in the staunch execution of these methodologies and steadfast dependability to your supply chain.



DYC Electronics’ history has the focus of specific service offerings and many occasions calling for their versatile use and expansion to solve production challenges and customer’s unique issues. Our capability certainly has definition including the machining and tools we use every day. Moreover, it is defined by the highly experienced and dedicated group of professionals that wield them. Combine these facts with leadership ready, willing and able to support change and you have a winning suite of capability.


Experienced; OEM relevant and globally

DYC Electronics has a 10+year history of contract manufacturing and OEM product experience. Early years of associated OEM products and current experience with OEM brands provide our Electronic Contract Manufacturing Service group a more comprehensive understanding of our OEM customer’s challenges, needs and creative ways to produce them. The many chapters of DYC Electronics’ experience “book” brings more to your toolset than any cover can suggest.