Do You Have Any Electronic Assembly Project We Can Help With?

DYC are equiped with 6 SMT production lines, 2 DIP lead-free lines, 4 final product assembly lines and lots of advanced testing machines,
inlcuding Yamaha YS series high-speed SMT machine, auto-printer device, AOI machine and other devices. With these equipments, we can
provide the clients with one stop electronic manufacturing service (EMS) in a high-quality and efficient way.
Assembly Machine
Auto-Loader Machine
Automatic Printer
SMT Auto Printer

Solder Paste Inspection
SMT Machine

SMT Machine

Testing Machine
AOI Machine
There are two times AOI checking during SMT process, one is before going through the reflow oven, one is after reflow oven.
SMT FAI Machine
First article inspection during SMT process, in order to check the components and soldering quality before mass production, also avoid the occurrence of batch defective products.
Load Aging Experiment
Make the boards or final product work continuously for 24 or 48 hours to test the its performance.
Salt Spray Tester