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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is the cornerstone of your electronic product and the service pillar of DYC Electronics. We are proficient with PCB substrates including rigid board, flex circuit, and rigid-flex hybrid circuits. Flexible component placement solutions include surface mount technology (SMT), plated thru-hole technology (PTH, THT) and mixed technology assemblies. Reliable processes support both ROHS lead-free and standard 63/37 leaded solder.

Industry-Leading Machining & Caring Professionals

Automated circuit card assembly is executed via three surface mount technology (SMT) lines comprised of industry-leading Juki stencil printers and high speed, flexible placement machines followed by Heller multizone reflow ovens.
Plated-thru-hole and mixed technology requirements are satisfied via the use of automated & manual placement and wave solder or point to point soldering, according to the project’s profile. Automated optical inspection, X-Ray, and applicable test solutions follow assembly.
High skilled electronic assembly professionals enhance Versa’s automation throughout the product assembly processes. A combination of industry-leading machining and caring professionals deliver a quality printed circuit assembly foundation for your electronic product.

Printed Circuit Assembly Capabilities

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
Plated Through Hole Technology (THT/PTH)
Mixed Technology (SMT, THT/PTH)
Lead and Lead-Free (RoHS)
No-Clean and Clean Fluxes
Single and Double-Sided Component Placement
Conformal Coating

Printed Circuit Board Construction

Rigid-Flex Hybrid
Single and Multilayer
Thickness: Min. = 0.015” / Max. = 0.235”
Dimensions: Maximum Array = 20” x 20

Surface Mount Technology Performance

Placement accuracy

Laser recognition: +/- 0.0019”

CpkVision recognition: +/- 0.0012”

Chip Placement speed = 14,100 CPH
IC Placement speed = 1850 CPH

Component Specifications

Standard 0201 Packages: Up To 2.913” Square
01005 Placements Capable
Maximum Component Height = 0.787”
Fine Pitch, BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP, and Leadless