Methods to avoid common PCB design errors

2023-09-19 14:13

Avoiding common PCB design errors is a key step in ensuring normal product operation and reducing costs. The following are some important methods that can help you avoid common errors in the PCB design process:


1. Simplify design: Complex PCB design can increase manufacturing complexity and may lead to functional issues. Collaborate closely with PCB manufacturers to ensure that circuit boards are constructed in the simplest and most economical way, thereby reducing potential risks and costs.

2. Correct Gerber File: Ensure that your Gerber file complies with industry standard RS274X. Use modern CAD programs to generate Gerber files in - X format to ensure accuracy and usability.

3. Rapid error detection: Establish an effective design review process with PCB manufacturers and assembly partners to quickly identify and fix errors before manufacturing. Use advanced PCB inspection technology to ensure that the circuit board can function properly after delivery, thereby avoiding delays and product failures.

4. Correct BOM format: The Component List (BOM) must be in CSV format, including reference marks, values, packaging/labels, descriptions, and part numbers. Avoidusing PDF documents as they cannot be reliably converted to CSV format.

5. Collaborate with reputable PCB manufacturers: Do not attempt to manufacture PCBs on your own or choose manufacturers based solely on price. Collaborating with reputable and experienced PCB manufacturers, they can improve efficiency and ensure timely delivery through automated production lines.

6. Complete file:Provide XYRS coordinates for SMT parts, and almost all CAD programs can generate this data. If turnkey service is not used, each kit should also include a packing list or invoice for comparison with the BOM. Mark the internal operation number on the packaging box.

These methods help reduce the risk of PCB design errors, ensure that the product runs as expected,and reduce cost and time waste. Collaborating with professional PCB processing factories, they can provide you with more advice on avoiding design errors to ensure that your products achieve optimal performance.